offers larger sizes and a better opacity effect. Learn about PRIVA-LITE XL


PRIVA-LITE – large glass panels with electronically controlled translucency.

We offer two types of PRIVA-LITE glass to be adapted in all types of projects: CLASSIC and XL. Although they are based on the same technology, CLASSIC and XL have different properties. They cannot be installed together.
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The type PRIVA-LITE XL can be used as a perfect surface for rear projection with the use of a multimedia projector. PRIVA-LITE is also a perfect base for PRIVA-LITE COLOR. With just one click you can turn your opaque partition wall into a coloured glass panel which does not limit your view. .

Open up to your surroundings

Open spaces give you the sense of freedom and unlimited opportunities. PRIVA-LITE XL guarantees appropriate access of light, also the natural light, in the entire room. Big space makes such an impression!

Go outside

With PRIVA-LITE XL you will reach amazing visual effects by making use of the rear projection effect. Create a multi-functional shop window with extraordinary properties.

Protect your privacy

PRIVA-LITE enables to achieve desired privacy in situations which require it. With just one gesture you can change the translucency of your glass panels, turning your open space into a comfortable place of work or rest.


Diversity of applications

The ways in which you can use the unique properties of PRIVA-LITE XL depend entirely on your imagination alone, be it a partition wall, a rear projection screen, or a functional wall isolating your space from external stimuli. The benefits you can achieve will become an everyday pleasure.


By choosing PRIVA-LITE XL you will reduce glass maintenance costs, as well as you will contribute to the natural environment protection thanks to low consumption of energy you need to change the translucency of your glass.


The aesthetics and functionality of your spaces have an important effect on the sense of wellbeing and efficiency of persons who stay in a closed building. Making use of the properties of PRIVA-LITE XL, you will ensure your comfort and the sense of wellbeing of people you work with.

Dimensions and thicknesses

Our standard glass is 55.4 (12mm) thick; however, if you have different needs, other dimensions are available, as well (8-33 mm). The dimensions of the PRIVA-LITE XL glass panel that you can order are from 200x300 mm to 1820x3500 mm.

Power supply

When connecting PRIVA-LITE XL, apply the output voltage of 65 VAC and the input voltage of 230 VAC.

Operating conditions

PRIVA-LITE XL operates most efficiently in temperatures from -10 to 70⁰C.

Acoustic insulation

You appreciate silence? PRIVA-LITE XL guarantees the Rw coefficient of 37dB.


PRIVA-LITE XL have been granted CE and DOP certificates.


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