Is the instant change of glass transparency not enough for you? Slide the glass panels apart and let a fresh breath of energy into your room.


Freedom above all. The PRIVA-LITE SLIDING DOORS system is a solution that enables you to open your space not only in visual terms.

With a single click you can change the window setting from non-transparent to transparent
and see more. With another move you can slide the door, not only to see better but also feel more. Enjoy the unlimited freedom!

Privacy on demand

Do you want to feel a gust of fresh air? Do you need quietness and privacy? Use your ceiling or walls to install the PRIVA-LITE sliding door system and enjoy unlimited freedom.

Separate, light up, communicate

You can immediately change the character of a designed interior. More light? Open communication passage? Limited visibility? More quiescence? Possibilities are endless.

Open up the space

With a PRIVA-LITE sliding door system you can decide on the form of open space. Sometimes you only need to choose the ON setting, in other cases you may want to slide the door apart.


Enjoy the "wow effect".

PRIVE-LITE sliding door system will emphasize the modern character of an interior and add more lightness to it. It will also increase the value of a property.

Hide the undesirable

The sliding door panels are mounted from the top using a pair of brackets. The whole mechanism is hidden under a special cover, which gives it a more attractive look. Therefore, the modern appearance of the whole system serves a decorative purpose as well.

Don't race against time

PRIVA-LITE sliding door system is provided in a "plug and play" configuration - the cable is preinstalled in the profile rail. The installation is quick and simple.


This product combines switchable glass with a sliding door system. You can select a single door or a door combined with an additional fixed glass panel. If you want a solution for large spaces, a system with two fixed glass panels separated with a sliding door will be a perfect solution for you. The system is designed for use only with PRIVA-LITE laminated glass panels: PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC, XL or COLOR.

Dimensions and thicknesses

The standard doors we produce have leaves the width of which is equal or larger than 900mm, with the thickness of the glass of 12 mm. The maximum width of the wall is 6000mm. The weight of the door leaf must not be higher than 80kg.

Glass types

PRIVA-LITE sliding door system is designed for use with PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC, XL or COLOR glazing.

Color options

Select one of the colorful mounting systems to match your room. You can use EVA1-silver anodized, C31-gold anodized or RAL colors.


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