Connect the PRIVA-LITE PRE-FRAMED system yourself and enjoy the unique effect of changeable transparency of your glass.


You are looking for a single panel for DIY installation to enjoy the ‘wow’ effect offered by PRIVA-LITE?

The system consists of three elements: a glass panel in a profile frame, a remote control receiver, and a panel (box) with electronics. The glass panel can be made of the PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC glass.
You can put or install your PRIVA-LITE PRE-FRAMED set anywhere you wish and enjoy the unique effect of the PRIVA-LITE glass.

Extraordinary internal window

Installed in a wall opening, it will give an effect of an extraordinary internal window, the transparency of which can be changed by means of a remote control.

Unique partition wall

If you arrange PRIVA-LITE PRE-FRAMED perpendicularly to a wall, you will obtain a unique partition wall with changeable transparency.

Rear projection screen

You can also place PRIVA-LITE PRE-FRAMED near an existing glass wall, or place it simply in the middle of your office and enjoy the function of a rear projection screen.


You want to enjoy the unique effect PRIVA-LITE as soon as possible?

You don’t have to wait for a large delivery and for your installation team. All you need to do is order the PLUG & PLAY set and you can enjoy switchable glass within 2-3 hours.

You want to make sure that PRIVA-LITE is the answer to your needs?

You want to order larger amounts of PRIVA-LITE, but you are not fully convinced whether this is the effect you need? PRIVA-LITE PRE-FRAMED will be a perfect tester for you.

You like doing everything personally?

It is very easy to install PRIVA-LITE PRE-FRAMED, so if you like doing DIY, you can install this set yourself with no problem at all.


The PRIVA-LITE PRE-FRAMED set consists of three elements: a glass panel in a profile frame, a remote control receiver, and a panel (box) with electronics. You can order the set with PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC.

Dimensions and thicknesses

Our standard glass panes are 55.4 (12 mm) thick. You can order the PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC glass panels in the size 1000 x 3000 mm.

Power supply

The system operates with the voltage of 220-230 V.

Operating conditions

PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC operates most efficiently in temperatures ranging from -20 to 60⁰C.

Acoustic insulation

You appreciate silence? PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC guarantees the Rw coefficient of 38 dB.


PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC has been granted the CE and DOP certificates.


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