Combine switchable glass with specialist glass into a single unique panel!


Exceptional switchable PRIVA-LITE glass will be a perfect choice also as an element of glass units.

Whenever there is a need to use specialist glass (fire-resistant glass or x-ray shielding glass), you can take advantage of the PRIVATE-LITE glazing solution, which allows for the combination of various properties of state-of-the-art glazings within a single panel.

Fire doors

If you need to ensure that glass doors or partition walls in your interiors comply with the respective fire resistance requirements, and at the same time you would like to change the transparency of a glass partition wall with a single click, use PRIVA-LITE glazing with Contraflam.

X-ray shielding walls

You can use specialist PRIVA-LITE glazing with Supercontryx glass in medical facilities where partition walls serve the role of x-ray barriers.


Fire-resistant partition walls

Use PRIVA-LITE glazing with Contraflam to gain valuable time in the event of fire and enjoy switchable glass transparency on an everyday basis.

Protection against x-ray radiation

By pairing PRIVA-LITE with Supercontryx you will obtain a glazing unit that combines advantages of switchable glass with x-ray resistance.


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