An appropriate dose of emotions is just indispensable to life. Do you need more? Go for colour!


An appropriate dose of emotions is just indispensable to life. Do you need more? Go for colour and simultaneous switchable transparency of your glass partition.

Choose one of 12 colours of PRIVA-LITE COLOR so as to create a warm and dynamic interior design.

Electronically controlled glass, so if you need a bit of privacy,
with just one click you will have an opaque partition. If you want to see more, you click again, and there you go! A coloured transparent panel adds charm to your every-day life, but it does not limit your field of view.

Through green-tinted glasses

PRIVATE-LITE COLOR proves itself in interior design. Why not use Olive Green in a sliding door? If you do, any time you want with the glass switched on and the door closed you will be able to see for yourself what the world looks like through green-tinted glasses.

Yellow adds energy

Elevations don’t have to be grey. All you need is just a pinch of energetic yellow, and the entire design acquires a modern character. Are you an architect? Perhaps an elevation you will design will look unique with a dash of BAHAMAS YELLOW or AQUAMARINE? It is worth trying to reach an exceptional effect.

Blue captures imagination

Do you know that blue inclines to creative thinking? A PRIVA-LITE wall in AQUAMARIE separating the bathroom from the room not only will be a unique solution, but it will additionally bring peace and capture your imagination!


Colours matter

Life without colours is a bit boring, isn’t it? The same applies to architecture. We have decided that PRIVA-LITE is such an interesting solution that it deserves a colourful change, so that you could enjoy a dose of positive energy. We hope that you will take a liking to one of 12 colours.

The first impression is what matters most

…and if aesthetic values are accompanied by practical advantages, the result is truly explosive. We have combined the unique visual sensation of a disappearing wall with the pragmatism of a glass partition and we have come up with PRIVA-LITE COLOR.

You care about the natural environment and your own comfort?

That is why in PRIVA-LITE panels we have made sure to keep the energy consumption at a minimum level. Additionally, silent change of the transparency states does not disturb the peace and quiet around you.


PRIVA-LITE COLOR is a material which combines advantages of switchable glass with colour inside, it is based on the PRIVA-LITE XL solution. 

We have designed 12 invigorating colours of PRIVA-LITE COLOR so that you could enjoy colourful glass walls.

Dimensions and thicknesses

Our standard glass panels are 55.4 (12 mm) thick, but if you have different needs, other dimensions are available, as well (8-33 mm). The size of the glass pane can be ordered in the dimensions 1500 x 3000 mm. Larger sizes upon enquiry.

Power supply

So as to connect PRIVA-LITE COLOR, use the output voltage of 65 VAC and the input voltage of 100-230 VAC.

Operating conditions

We have designed PRIVATE-LITE COLOR so that it could operate most efficiently in temperatures ranging from -10 to 70 °C.

Acoustic insulation

You appreciate silence? PRIVA-LITE COLOR guarantees the Rw coefficient of 37 dB.


PRIVA-LITE COLOR has been granted with the CE and DOP certificates.


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