Ready to go to a higher level of interior design? Check out PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC


PRIVA-LITE is exceptional switchable glass which provides you with new interior design opportunities.

We offer two types of PRIVA-LITE glass, which can be adaptedin all types of projects: CLASSIC and XL. Although they are based on the same technology, CLASSIC and XL have different properties. They cannot be installed together.
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PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC can be used wherever you want to maintain brighter spaces making use of the opaque state of the glass panel.

Changes start from within

You like large, open spaces? Your team works intensely and you like observing them at work? Great! But there are moments when you need to discuss something in a smaller group – PRIVA-LITE glass can be very helpful then.

Let the world know it

You want to create something extraordinary? Let others enjoy the PRIVA-LITE effect, too. Design a unique elevation or shop window. Use the glass where your imagination tells you to.


You want to make an impression?

It doesn’t matter whether it is an office, a conference hall, a hotel, or a private apartment – with PRIVA-LITE we guarantee a ‘WOW’ effect. You can enjoy this effect not only by yourself, but with all your guests.

Does quality matter to you?

We take extra care to check the haze of each glass panel. Consequently, you can enjoy the highest level of transparency, and we offer you a 5 years’ guarantee for your glass.

You care about the natural environment?

We have done everything to reduce the power consumption by PRIVA-LITE glass to the minimum. In 2016 the PRIVA-LITE glass received the certificate of the Environmental Product Declaration, which confirms how much we care about the natural environment.

Dimensions and thicknesses

Our standard glass is 55.4 (12mm) thick; however, if you have different needs, other dimensions are available, as well (8-33 mm). The dimensions of the PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC glass panel that you can order are from 200x300 mm to 1000x3750 mm or 1400 x 3500mm.

Power supply

When connecting PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC, apply the output voltage of 100 VAC and the input voltage of 100 – 230 VAC.

Operating conditions

PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC operates most efficiently in temperatures from -20 to 60⁰C.

Acoustic insulation

You appreciate silence? PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC guarantees the Rw coefficient of 38dB.


PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC have been granted CE and DOP certificates. PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC can additionally boast the Environmental Product Declaration.


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