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09 February 2022 PRIVA-LITE® In Toulouse, the Saint-Exupéry Clinic

10 YEARS LATER, A CLINIC reaffirms its commitment to PRIVA-LITE® In Toulouse, the Saint-Exupéry Clinic and its staff just love Saint-Gobain's switchable glass.


The project aimed to change the clinic’s interior layout, without altering the flow of light. Also, the staff wanted to enjoy the benefits of a low-maintenance product, while having a hi-tech product ensuring good quality and hygiene for patients – a key priority for hospitals! Such challenges were set for the Saint-Exupéry clinic’s extension project in Toulouse, with a main objective to meet patients’ need for privacy and comfort. Light is essential for healthcare, as it contributes to patients recovery! With a 10-year experience using PRIVA-LITE®, previously installed in the clinic, furnishing the new premises with the active glazing seemed a perfect solution. However, there was yet another challenge to overcome: integrating PRIVA-LITE® glazing into sliding rails, installed onto fixed parts. Luckily, the renowned Toulouse-based company LACROIX portes automatiques was selected for the installation of automatic doors with the high-tech glazing. As it turned out, LACROIX portes automatiques is one of the leading experts in integrating this type of glass into automatic rails! The only thing left to do then was to activate the glazing, by simply pushing a button, and instantly enjoy translucent or fully transparent glazing.

Now, it’s all done: click this link to watch the video.

See photos: click this link 


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