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31 August 2016 PRIVA-LITE glass with the environmental EPD certificate!

What is EPD?
Environmental Product Declaration is an official document granted to the building materials which takes into account product’s influence on natural environment, from manufacturing to disposal. The declaration includes a detailed description of the product which includes data concerning environmental performance of the product.
Stringent requirements relating to granting the EPD declaration are defined in ISO 14025 Environmental labels and declarations type III standard. Strict and independent committee of experts has decided on awarding the PRIVA-LITE glass.
What can we gain from the declaration?
·         we protect the natural environment
·         we raise clients’ awareness of environmental protection
·         we provide the basis for assessment of building materials
·         we enable identification of the products which have lower impact on environment
·         we have a product which meets requirements of sustainable development
·         we help to achieve better ecological LEED and BREAM rating
·         we are THE LEADER!

In the area of environmental care Saint-Gobain is the world leader. One of the most important value of the Group is taking care of the natural environment.


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