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24 September 2020 Glass transparency adjusted to Your unique needs

Comfort hand in hand with functionality

The new option of gradual tinting available for PRIVA-LITE XL and  PRIVA-LITE COLOR offers even more possibilities! All you need to do is install a special kit consisting of a power supply, a controller and/or remote control and you can enjoy the original effect of smart glass. The new function makes glass transparency management easy and quick.

From transparency and translucency to full opaqueness

Wishing to meet the expectations of the market, we constantly extend our offer and improve our products. With the new option available for PRIVA-LITE XL and PRIVA-LITE COLOR, we address the needs of our customers. It allows to adjust the transparency degree to unique preferences of each user.

How does it work? The gradual hazing is obtained by controlling the voltage applied to the glass. This effect can be achieved by means of a special easy-to-use controller and/or remote control, as well as a power supply dedicated to this solution. The controller allows to regulate the level of transparency of the glass within a full range – from complete opaqueness through gradual hazing of the glass to its full transparency. The effect of your customer’s choice can be achieved by means of a special knob or/and remote controller that alters the voltage applied to the panel.

The assembly system is similar to the standard PRIVA-LITE installation – each kit contains an installation manual.

The option of intermediate transparency levels optimises space, not only boosting its aesthetics, but also improving the functional properties of the interior. It is a perfect solution for any type of interior – from a hotel room, through shop windows, hospital rooms, or bathrooms in a private apartment.

Why is it worth it?

•      New space management possibilities

•      Competitive advantage

•      Simple and quick installation

•      Guarantee of intimacy and privacy with an individual control option

•      Technical support 

•      WOW effect  in every interior

•      A wide range of applications

Where does it work best?

PRIVA-LITE XL and PRIVA-LITE COLOR with the gradual tinting option is an advanced solution befitting any style of interiors.

One glass panel, many possible applications:

•      glass partition in an office,

•      glass partition between a bathroom and a hotel room,

•      show window,

•      partition wall in a hospital,

•      sliding door in a living / dining room.

Innovative function of PRIVA-LITE – the future is now!


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