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03 November 2016 Experience glass, pure yet cut, at the Interieur Kortrijk trade fair

Interior glass comes in many shapes, sizes and finishes. For its stand at the Interieur Kortrijk trade fair, the market leader Saint-Gobain Building Glass Benelux has, however, resolutely opted to focus on the material itself. Interior glass material in all its aesthetic facets. Pure, yet cut. This is all thanks to the experience designers at bump, who have devised a very distinctive sculpture in which 13 different sheets of glass play a star role. In addition, bump has created an ingenious lighting technology to ensure that the visitors to the Saint-Gobain stand at Interieur Kortrijk (stand 638) interact with the different sheets of glass. An opportunityto actually experience and enjoy interior glass in all its glory…
Solid and permeable
Interior glass can be used in many applications: for doors, walls, cabinets, table tops, mirrors, floor tiles, stairs, etc. In addition, interior glass can be equipped with diverse technologies that you cannot see but which very much have an influence on the functionality of interior glass. Certain coatings, for example, which ensure that glass shower walls continue to shine, or thermal after-treatments that make the glass stronger and safer, or an additional acoustic insulating layer.
The briefing Saint-Gobain gave to the bump ‘experience designers’for the concept of its stand at Interieur Kortrijk was quite clear:, focus the spotlight on the ‘interior glass’ material itself and its design value.
It is immediately evident that bump has translated this briefing into a brilliant overall concept for all those visiting stand 638 at the Kortrijk Xpo between 14 and 23 October. bump has indeed created a real eye-catcher: a 4.50 x 2.20 x 2.60 m configuration of interiorglass that, from a distance, gives the illusion of a brutal block of interiorglass but, on getting closer, appears to be permeable. ‘What we have provided is a sculpture in which 13 sheets of glass are arranged in the shape of a fan according to a specific mathematical distribution principle,’ confirms Koen Huyghe of bump, ‘causing those passing by the stand to be stimulated bya strange combination of solidity and permeability.A combination that actually, in itself, perfectly typifies the aesthetic ambivalence of the material ‘glass’.’
Different aesthetic facets
However, looking at the sculpture from close up,’ continues Koen Huyghe, ‘you notice that the solid permeable block actually consists of 13 different types of decorative glass. The differences between these sheets are very subtle however, on account of Saint-Gobain consciously not opting for sheets with contrasting shades or striking motifs but, rather, preferring the interplay with transparency, light and texture.’
The fan is made up, in particular, of PLANICLEAR clear float glass, DIAMANT extra clear glass, SATINOVO MATÉ etched glass and COOL-LITE BRIGHT SILVER ultra-transparent glass with homogeneous reflection’, explains Ivo Smets from Saint-Gobain, ‘but you can also find PIXARENA and THELA in it; two types of decorative glass used to close off areas from prying eyes in their own subtle and elegant manner.
You can also discover TEX GLASS, a new collection of decorative laminated glass with integrated textiles, as well as MASTER-SOFT, a new model in the MASTERGLASS range that follows the trend of matt materials – which display a strong presence in interiors nowadays. MASTER-SOFT has a very finely engraved, soft surface in which the intersecting diagonals form a sort of quilted pattern.
Also surprising and full of creative possibilities is PICTURE IT, a special type of interior glazing to which the most subtle prints can be applied directly and in high definition, and STADIP PRINT, where a film is used to achieve creative harmony between an image and the glass.
The sheet glass fan opens out onto a sort of infinite point, where we have installed the PRIVA-LITE glazing: a glass with controllable transparency that can be projected onto.’
Interactive glass experience
Although, by working with 13 different types of glass, Saint-Gobain is already displaying many facets of interior glass at its stand, with bump we wanted to go even further than that. We do not call ourselves ‘experience designers’ for nothing (laughing). And interior glass certainly is a material that really needs to be tailor-made for you. And that’s how it should feel, too: like a perfect second skin…
That is why we have worked with controllable LED lighting on the Saint-Gobain stand at the Interieur Kortrijk trade fair. We have arranged this invisibly in line with the sheets of glass so as to create certain effects with light depending on where the person looking at the glass is located. Very subtle, yet by means of the integrated tracking function, the aspect of the glass changes according to the position of the visitor to the stand. The ultimate way of getting glass to interact with the visitor and – conversely – to allow visitors to stand 638 to really experience glass during the biennial trade fair.’
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Saint-Gobain Building Glass Benelux, INTERIEUR 2016, Kortrijk Xpo / Hall 6, Stand 638


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