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09 January 2015 Discover the world with all your senses…

350 years of Saint-Gobain existence… On this occasion, the group has prepared a number of events and activities to refer not only to the long history, but above all international character and innovative company. The world tour started Mobile Pavilions Saint-Gobain, dedicated to learn the world with all the senses. The first stop on the Pavilions route is Asia. From January, the 9th the pavilions visit the residents of Shanghai. This year the remarkable constructions visit also Sao Paolo, Philadelphia and Paris.

There are four cubes, entirely composed of materials produced by the brand of Saint-Gobain. Each pavilion refers to one of the human senses.

"Look" refers to the centuries-old tradition of glass production. During the day the cube reflects a daylight and a sky. During a night it is illuminated by LEDs, whereby glass panels come to life. The techniques allow you to play with light, which makes a huge impression on visitors.

Pavilion "Listen" reflects the expertise and competence of Saint-Gobain in terms of acoustic comfort. Cube lined with special lining gives a feeling of purity and softness of sound. Visitors have the opportunity to know the conditions of absolute silence where there is no sounds from the outside, while the inside sounds, caused by the visitors themselves have limited propagation. At night, colored lights emphasize the delicate, elegant and "cosy" shape of the cube.

"Have fun with colors" is a pavilion dedicated to the imagination and skills to use materials in order to create a game of colors, which not only affects our perception of the world, but also the mood. Two rotating rings, one made up of large, colorful, glass panels, and the other from the traditional and the textured glass, make a big impression.

Pavilion "Create" is an expression of Group Innovation and its concentration on the future. This unique combination of Saint-Gobain materials with the remarkable architectural projects during the day resembles a spiral stairs, giving the optical illusion of motion up. At night, through appropriate LED backlight lamps, becomes a futuristic installation.


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