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19 April 2017 Comfort and security in office space

Comfortable working conditions translate into the sense of wellbeing and efficiency of workers. Appropriate acoustic parameters and the sense of privacy in the office space – these are important factors which have their effect on the internal harmony. Innovative building solutions allow to create safe, appropriately separated spaces in public utility buildings, with appropriate acoustic parameters.

PRIVA-LITE is available in different variants: with toughened glass, coloured glass, printed glass, and bent glass. It can be used as a component of a glazing unit along with the Saint-Gobain products on offer. In the office space of Lindhorst, Zagórów, it has been decided to install partition walls made of the CONTRAFLAM PRIVA-LITE glazing unit, combined with a pivot door system. Under the influence of electric current, the glass changes its appearance from translucent to transparent, without any difference in light transmission. In the event of fire, the fireproof CONTRAFLAM glass protects against fire. It secures the time necessary for people to leave the building.

Thanks to making use of advanced functions of modern glass, newly erected buildings are functional, aesthetic, as well as safe.  


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