Shops, displays

In shopping spaces, minimalist frameless designs guarantee the desired visual lightness. Whether it is to create an excellent effect, or for practical reasons relating to projecting motion pictures on glass, or adding light to darker parts of the building – PRIVA-LITE glazing constitutes a delightful element in every design.  

Changing rooms

Can you have a mirror, a transparent glass pane, a partition wall, a door, and all at the same time, and additionally in different colours or printed according to an architect’s design? Of course you can. PRIVA-LITE products in appropriate configurations offer great freedom in the arrangement of shopping spaces.


Make yourself visible…By applying the PRIVA-LITE glass you will reach the desired ‘wow’ effect in every place you conduct your business. Making use of e.g. the possibility of video projections on glass panels of your elevation, you will attract the attention of your potential customers.


Frameless minimalist designs with numerous additional functions, e.g. elements of elegant textiles, an opportunity to change glass transparency, to have a mirror effect, or to use different colours of glass panels, offer a number of different solutions, which when applied in an exhibition space will give the desirable effect – will arouse people’s interest in your display.

PRIVA-LITE products

The family of our products is very wide: from colourless glass, through coloured glass, to door systems. We are certain you will find something for yourself that will inspire you!