PRIVA-LITE stands for unique interior design opportunities, which will make your private space delight everyone with its functionality and design. Technology in the service of practical solutions and the beauty of your space.

Spacious living space

Create one open living space out of your private rooms, simultaneously dividing it into different use zones. Thanks to PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC or PRIVA-LITE XL, you can decide about the privacy in your interiors, and with just one click you can separate individual areas depending on your current needs.

Openness on request

PRIVA-LITE glass panels constitute a handy solution for designing natural divisions, appropriate for both regular and irregular floor plans. Different colours of partition walls can be one of interesting solutions which highlight functional divisions. In combination with controlled translucency, you can benefit from full freedom of interior design.

Energy from nature

Wherever the sun is not able to provide your private spaces with free energy, make use of large-surface window glazing facing South-West. Depending on your needs, PRIVA-LITE will provide you with appropriate visual space or will give you the privacy you need in a particular moment.

Optical sensations

In each space of your private residence there is room for an invigorating arrangement. By using PRIVA-LITE, you do not have to choose between the size of your room and the ideas how to use it. PRIVA-LITE glass panels make your interiors look more spacious, and the changeable translucency of the glass offers you the freedom of choice.

Effect of spaciousness

Appropriate proportions of your interiors can be shaped by means of e.g. mobile vertical partitions. Sliding doors leading to the pantry or the wine cellar can be an unconventional solution in private premises. By making use of different translucency states of PRIVA-LITE, you can decide whether your door will hide what is behind it, or quite the opposite, whether it will emphasise whatever makes you proud.

PRIVA-LITE products

The family of our products is very wide: from colourless glass, through coloured glass, to door systems. We are certain you will find something for yourself that will inspire you!