Offices, conference halls

From headquarters of corporations and offices of technological companies to banks. From brainstorming through briefings to confidential meetings. One space divided with a glass partition wall is a perfect solution everywhere. Thanks to PRIVA-LITE you obtain a broad array of new solutions, economising on other materials.


Your team works intensely and you like watching it at work? Perfect! But there are moments when you need to discuss something in a smaller group – then PRIVA-LITE is a perfect solution. You switch PRIVA-LITE on and off with just one click.

Perfect workplace

Colourful variants of PRIVA-LITE can fight the boredom of standard architectural solutions. 12 distinct colours allow to combine shades that offer a lot of positive energy. A green panel of PRIVA-LITE COLOUR introduces positive energy to standard office space.

Colour matters

PRIVA-LITE is available in as many as 12 colours, and green is not the only one that adds energy. Orange elements add freshness to the interior design, and when they are combined with wood and copper, the room becomes cosier. These are just visual advantages, Additionally, you switch PRIVA-LITE on and off with just one click.

Open space whenever you want it

Use PRIVA-LITE as a partition wall, which will produce the ‘wow’ effect thanks to an instant change of glass transparency. This solution is perfect in conference halls as it allows for instant separation of space from other rooms, but it can be also used as a projection screen.

Space and savings

High level of transparency of the PRIVA-LITE glass offers a range of different applications, e.g. for rear projection purposes. Low energy consumption, exceptional easiness to keep it clean, and simultaneously simple and safe assembly offer considerable financial savings. Here PRIVA-LITE is perfect as a large internal window.

Blinds belong in the past

In an office room, PRIVA-LITE has been applied in external windows, which enables to get rid of the blinds obscuring the window. Just one click and you can get privacy on demand!

PRIVA-LITE products

The family of our products is very wide: from colourless glass, through coloured glass, to door systems. We are certain you will find something for yourself that will inspire you!