From transparency to privacy on request. Using PRIVA-LITE, you will optically increase the space in your room thanks to interesting module divisions. Make use of creative play of light and space by e.g. separating the bedroom from the bathroom by means of a partition wall with the PRIVA-LITE active glass.

Access of bright sunlight

Privacy surrounded with natural shades of sunny days. Warm combination of the interactive PRIVA-LITE glass with invigorating colours offers an exceptional effect: synergy of technology and nature.

Minimalism of value

Economy in form, colour, space. Function along with the intended form. Making use of appropriate glass sets, you are able to reach exactly what you intend to obtain. Do not limit yourself. Just design, and we will make it for you.

Space in a hotel bathroom

You don’t have to choose between the available space and the sense of openness. Applying the PRIVA-LITE glass, you can increase your space instantly, simultaneously maintaining an appropriate level of privacy.

Add light to your interiors

Not always can hotel apartments offer as much space and light as customers would like to have. By introducing the PRIVA-LITE glass as a partition wall between the room and the bathroom, you will add light to the entire room and you will make it seem more spacious.

More light!

A uniquely arranged hotel suite, with a bathing zone within the range of daylight. The application of PRIVA-LITE allows to keep the room bright, and offers privacy when necessary.

PRIVA-LITE products

The family of our products is very wide: from colourless glass, through coloured glass, to door systems. We are certain you will find something for yourself that will inspire you!