Clinics, hospitals, consulting rooms

The PRIVA-LITE glass panels are a perfect solution for hospitals, clinics, or consulting rooms. With just one click a transparent glass panel, increasing the sense of space, will change into an opaque wall of a hall or a screen, easy to clean and securing privacy.

Perfect screen

Modern, functional hospital rooms are characterised by light, friendly style of interior design. PRIVA-LITE will be a perfect solution for walls separating e.g. hospital beds, acting as screens. Depending on the needs of the patient as well as of the medical staff, you can have the effect of openness or absolute privacy.

Discretion guaranteed

In every doctor’s office it is important to feel safe and at ease. The level of stress in a patient can be considerably reduced in a situation where even sitting in the waiting room the patient can see the place where a medical procedure will be performed. The need of discretion and privacy appears when the specialist works with the patient. And here technology and solutions proposed by PRIVA-LITE can be helpful.

More light

What we appreciate PRIVA-LITE glass for is the fact that in its transparent state it maintains the sense of large, open space. Thanks to maintaining a high level of light access also in the opaque state, we obtain a partition which helps to add light even to small rooms.

Hygiene guaranteed

The PRIVA-LITE glass, very easy to keep clean, is a solution preferred by investors, architects, and users, enabling to obtain considerable savings in terms of the designed usable space, as well as the means allocated to maintain the highest hygiene regime.

PRIVA-LITE products

The family of our products is very wide: from colourless glass, through coloured glass, to door systems. We are certain you will find something for yourself that will inspire you!