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Yes. The change in either directions of PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC and PRIVA-LITE SWITCH P  is instantaneous. The  gradual tinting option is available for PRIVA-LITE XL and  PRIVA-LITE COLOR. Find out more on https://www.privalite.com/en/news/glass-transparency-adjusted-your-unique-needs

PRIVA-LITE consumes energy only in the “ON” position, i.e. when it is transparent.

PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC requires 100 Volts AC /50Hz/60Hz while PRIVA-LITE XL requires 65Volts AC /50Hz/60Hz. PRIVA-LITE SWITCH P 45 Volts AC /50Hz

A standard PRIVA-LITE panel is composed of two 5-mm sheets of extra-clear glass and a liquid crystal film. The standard version is of 12 mm thickness.

Squares, rectangles, trapezoids and triangles (with angles greater than 30°), as well as half-circles. Circles are not possible, however.

Two kinds of cables are used for customers convenience regarding IPX4 or IPX7 electrical safety norms.

Of course! The thinnest panel of PRIVA-LITE is 8mm thick. It's composed of two 3-mm sheets of extra-clear glass. The thickest, 33 mm thick, is composed of two 15-mm sheets. PRIVA-LITE can also be made of two sheets of extra-clear glass of 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 15 mm. It is primarily symmetrical laminated glazing. Asymmetrical combinations are also possible (ask us please).

Yes. But only when PRIVA-LITE is assembled in double glazing with polycarbonate like SGG Ultimax®

Yes. Special door system applications for sliding doors are offered by Saint-Gobain.

Yes. At the moment two kinds of applications are available by either special Multisil silicone available in 4 different colors or transparent double edged TESA tape of 2mm thickness.

Yes, both PRIVA-LITE glass can have holes.

Yes, as a standard if the curvature radius is at least 2000 mm. If more then please contact us!

Yes. The standard version has a noise-reduction ratio (Rw) of 38 decibels.

In the standard version, the weight of one PRIVA-LITE panel is 25 kg/m².

The working temperature for PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC is between -20 °C  and +60 °C, for PRIVA-LITE XL, PRIVA-LITE SWITCH P   is between -10 °C  and +70 °C.

Absolutely yes! As the liquid crystal film is hermetically sealed between two glass panes, it is safe to touch PRIVA-LITE panels, even at the edges and even in ON mode. Moreover, the PRIVA-LITE  has an IP43 protection class.

Yes, there are different types of transformers; the one you choose will depend on the surface area of the PRIVA-LITE panels. The range of input voltage varies from 12/24 VDC up to 100~230VAC and between 65VAC up to 100VAC of output voltage regarding the type of PRIVA-LITE glass. Please note that in order to provide safety for the PRIVA-LITE environment you must use PRIVA-LITE transformers and accessories supplied by Saint-Gobain.

For example, PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC consume only 7watts per m2 in mode ‘ON’ when the temperature is 25°C. So a 12-m² glass wall consumes the same power as a 84-W light bulb in your home.

The maximum dimensions of PRIVA-LITE are as for PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC it's 1000 x 3750 mm or 1400x3500mm. As for PRIVA-LITE XL dimension limitation is 1820 x 3500 mm with one single LC film.

Yes. Both double and triple glazing with tempered, solar protection, non-reflecting, fire-resistant, bullet-proof are possible.

Yes. It can be laminated with patterned glass like SGG Seralit (the pattern must then be screened all over the two outer faces of the system) or with colored glass like grey, bronze or green SGG Parasol®. All RAL colors are possible, but only as triple glazing using SGG Stadip Color®.

A PRIVA-LITE panel can be installed in a frame of wood, steel, aluminium or PVC drilled with 10-mm holes for the female connectors of IPX 4 or IPX7 cables. Conductive frames have to be grounded to the earth. The rebate width must be selected according to the product. Double glazing frames must be correctly drained. Because PRIVA-LITE cannot withstand pressure over 10 N/cm², appropriate clamps must be used.

Yes. PRIVA-LITE can be made of two sheets of extra-clear toughened and tempered glass. For both toughened and tempered glass 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 15 mm are available while for tempered also 3mm is included.


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