Making use of the most advanced technologies and solutions offers a limitless number of interior design opportunities, but it also allows to economise in the way that is quite unparalleled in other fields of modern investments.

Unusual glass

Do you know what was the foundation for the development of PRIVA-LITE? We planned to create a visually mobile partition, which would be practical, which would allow to save time and money, and at the same time which would be pleasant to look at. We have fulfilled this task perfectly.


This is all you need to make the PRIVA-LITE glass transparent. It is 4 time less than the energy consumed by your laptop!


This is the level of sound intensity when you change the transparency state of your glass. You can change your space arrangement soundlessly. Isn’t silence more pleasant than the noise of drawing blinds?


In 2016 PRIVA-LITE received the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD certificate). It constitutes a confirmation of our utmost care for the natural environment.


This ishow long we have been working on the technology of PRIVA-LITE. That is why we are able to offer a whole set of comprehensive solutions and systems making use of smart glass.


This is the value of the Rw coefficient ensured by PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC. If you appreciate silence, this solution will be a perfect partition wall in your rooms.


This is how many beautiful colours of PRIVA-LITE COLOR are available along with the electronically controlled glass.


This is the level of privacy ensured by PRIVA-LITE XL in the opaque state. Thanks to it, you can secure the privacy of yourself and your guests, whenever the circumstances require it.


Even in such low temperatures PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC operates without any problems. Thanks to this property you can make use of this smart glass in a glazing unit to create a unique elevation.


This is all the time you need to install PRIVA-LITE PRE-FRAME yourself – it is an easy DIY package, addressed to corporate as well as private users.


This is the number of countries covered with the PRIVA-LITE direct sales network. It is no less than 1/5 of all countries of the world!


This is the value of light transmission of PRIVA-LITE in the translucent state. Thanks to this you can enjoy the comfort of perfectly illuminated spaces.


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